TR series vibration transmitter uses advanced LSI technology that integrate the signal conditioning, processing and outputting circuitry into one integral unit. It can directly replace the probe driver and connect to the proximity probe and extension cable, converting the signal to a 4-20 mA output. Buffered dynamic output is available for additional analysis.

TR Series Transmitter is used to monitor:
Radial Shaft Vibration
Axial Thrust Position
Rotation Speed
Phase Reference

The TR is available as a two wire or three-wire transmitter configuration and certified for use in hazardous areas.
The TR series also has an option available to interface with existing proximity probe drivers. This option is typically used when it is desirable to drive the dynamic signal and the 420mA output up to 300 meters or for some hazardous area applications.

Velocity is the preferred measurement for most rotating machines with rolling element bearings and the TM016 is a precision solid state loop powered sensor that measures velocity vibration levels and provides a 4-20mA output proportional to the overall vibration level. The 4-20mA velocity output is interfaced into a PLC, DCS or other 4-20mA input devices.

The TM016 is easy to install. Drill and tap a hole on or near the bearing housing and connect the two wire output to monitor, record vibration levels and alarm or shutdown on excess vibration levels. The velocity output is available in peak or RMS.

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