DTM features:
Fully digital
Distributed monitor system
Highly reliable
Channel redundancy
Power redundancy
Flexible system configuration
Cost effective

The DTM10 distributed vibration transmitter-monitor is ideal to monitor machine vibration with a better interface of Modbus to PLC or DCS.
The DTM also improves the reliability with redundant power supplies and redundant 4-20mA transmission. The smart DTM monitor can interface with almost any proximity probe system.

The DTM20 distributed vibration transmitter-monitor provides a simple and cost-effective solution for monitoring balance-of-plant equipment. The DTM improves reliability by having redundant power supplies and redundant 4-20mA transmission. The smart DTM monitor can interface with almost any vibration sensor. The DTM is field configurable.

The DTM20-A4 is designed for monitoring reciprocating compressors & engines. It is a multiple parameter monitor with both impact monitoring and acceleration monitoring. Alarm can be the combination of these two parameters. You can conveniently decide the alarm level of each of the monitored parameters and setup accordingly. In addition to analog transmission, the monitor also supplies a digital output, dual alarms, and a condition monitoring. Thus greatly enhanced the analysis and monitoring capabilities of the system. The looseness monitor conforms to ISO10816-6.

The DTM30 temperature module is a single channel temperature signal conditioner and processing unit. DTM30 accepts resistance temperature detector (RTD) and thermocouple signal input and has a choice of output options including an isolated (0 or 4 to 20) mA re-transmission signal,change over trip relay, twin normally open relays or various combinations. DTM30 has a high degree of functionality and configurability.

DTM96 will interface with up to 16 DTM modules. It will output most of the channel status and overall into Modbus RTU.
DTM96 will also control some configuration of the DTM modules.

The DTM-CFG is the configuration and calibration software. DTM-CFG works with Windows XP / Windows 2000 operation system.
The DTM-CFG works with the DTM96 to interface to the DTM modules. It can also work with the converter, DTM-485-232.

TM900A Power Converter

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