TM Series proximity probes are used for a wide variety of applications. Suitable for continuous monitoring systems protection of critical machinery as well as machine contrition monitoring analysis used for diagnosing matching faults. They measure both static distances and the vibration of the shaft relative to the probe tip; shaft bib ration, radial and axial shaft position, and shaft/case differential expansion.

They are interchangeable with probes used for most major brands of monitoring systems and their high reliability insures a ling life cycle.

Available in 5, 8, 11, and 25 mm configurations, complete with extension cables and probe drives or transmitters.

Available options include:

API 670 compliant
English or metric output
Reverse mounting
Extension cables
Integral Cables
Armored cables
Probe Drivers or Transmitters
High pressure feed through
Hazardous area certifications
ATEX, II 1 G, EEx aii IIC T4 (pending)
CSA, Class 1, Div. 1, Grps A,B,C&D (pending)

Piezoelectric accelerometers and velocity sensors provide dynamic measurements of displacement, velocity, and acceleration. Typically used for measuring the vibration of machine bearings housings.

Options include models with outputs in velocity or acceleration, high temperature models, low-frequency sensors, and a variety of cable options, including: integral or non-integral cables, waterproof, armored, and high-temperature.

Typically used to measure case expansion on steam turbines.

Available in a variety of sensitivities and linear ranges.

Accessories - TM0393X High-Pressure Probe Mount
Accessories - TM0191 Hi-Pressure Extension cables Feed-through
Accessories - TM090X
Accessories - TM0540 Static Calibrator
Accessories - TM0920

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