ProvibTech's PCM360 is a machine condition management system that collects, stores, analyzes and is capable of transmitting machine status monitoring information over local or wide area network. The PCM360 provides static, dynamic and transient data collection and analysis; such as graphical indication of vibration level, trend, waveform, spectrum, bode plots, cascade plots and much more.
All ProvibTech's monitors and transmitters can quickly and easily be integrated to upload machine status and its dynamic data to the PCM360. The PCM360 obtains both critical machinery running status and balance of plant running status. Additionally, the PCM360 collects process data as 4-20mA input or digital monitor input via Modbus, etc. The PCM360 provides an integrated system solution for asset management resulting in a total solution for machine maintenance and protection.

ProvibTech’s Predictive Plant Condition Management System PCM360DW which consists of PCM360 Condition Management Software and Digital Monitors is capable of performing condition monitoring with digitally captured and transferred waveform, spectrum, and shaft XY vibration measurements. The digital monitors include DTMs and DMs.

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