The PT2060 is a state-of-the-art rack based continuous monitoring system that is ideal for virtually all critical machinery protection applications. It offers both superior configuration flexibility and maximum reliability.

Capable of supporting up to 48 channels per rack, the PT2060 provides the industry's highest channel density in a standard 19" rack. It uses standard "ladder logic" to make configuration easy. With full API 670 compliance and triple channel redundancy and double redundancy for relays, power supplies, analog outputs and communications, it provides a level of reliability that is unsurpassed, even by systems costing much more!

PT2060 Features include:

Fully digital
Modbus ready
API 670 compliant
Compatible with most sensors and probes, regardless of manufacturer
Configured using standard "ladder logic", just like a PLC
riple redundant channels
Double redundant relays, power suppliers, analog outputs and communications modules
Up to 48 channels per rack
Optional local panel display
Integrated condition monitoring functions

DTM Series digital transmitter-monitor are ProvibTech's newly released transmitter-monitor series.
They are based on the popular TM Series transmitter-monitor. DTM modules are highly reliable, fully
programmable, and easily configurable.
Each DTM module is a single-channel or dual-channel monitor. Each DTM module can be used independently
for machine protection.
It has all the function and IO port of a multi-channel monitor, such as:
PT2060 Features include:
field configuration
buffered output
dual 4-20mA output
dual alarms
on-site reset
remote reset / alarm inhibit
alarm multiply
dual power input
and more.

DTM series also have their own unique features. Some DTM integrate driver and monitor into one unit.
All the DTM modules have digital internal bus and external Modbus.

Modular is the nature of DTM Series transmitter-monitor. Customers can pick up appropriate modules
to set up a system. With various DTM modules, customer can realize various functions in the system.
For plant expansion, customer only need a little modification, add some new modules, and the system

will be ready for the new machines.With the advanced digital technology, DTM can be field configured to different functional module. With less spares, customer will save cost.

The DM200 is a dual channel vibration monitor. It measures the absolute vibration of rotating machinery in acceleration, velocity or displacement.

Dual channels for case vibration monitoring in acceleration, velocity or displacement
Independent alert and danger- dual relays on each channel
Fully digital, long term stability
IP 65 or NEMA 4X environmental rating
Bright 4 digit LED display
Front panel buffered output
Wide power supply range
Cost effective solution
The TM631/TM632/TM635 digital vibration transmitter monitor is ideal for monitoring machine vibration using proximity probes. The monitor contains redundant relay outputs and 4-20mA transmission, it can interface to a PLC or DCS system. The monitor works without probe driver. Using Provibtech’s unique technology, the monitor can interface with almost any proximity probe system without hardware changes.

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